A lavish dining oasis amidst the plushest at the open sky terracc!

Escape the cities hustle and bustle inside Omaisla’s lush, exquisite restaurant enhanced by the combination of the prime-aged interior and in the open sky of himalaya, replete with himalayan upholstery, spectacular painting, which is ideal for a relax vocation in the himalayan kingdom. The elegant orange chairs and cosy banquets provide comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere to indulge in a feast of the finest European, Indian, and Chinese cuisine.

Omasila offers an impeccable experience, where the contemporary furniture, intricate glass candle stand, and orange and brown colour patterns set the tone for a relaxed moment of fun and laughter after a long travel in the himalaya range of Ladakh. Conveniently located in the central of the Leh city, Omasila offers a delectable experience, and is the perfect addition to your Ladakh travel.

Come join us to feel the experience of Himalaya and the gamut of impeccable taste at Hotel Omasila!